{Race Report} Firefly 5K

Remember when I told you about the LivingSocial deal for the Firefly 5K?

Well, the race was Friday night!  It took place on the campus of Cal State Dominguez Hills in Carson. We got stuck in a little traffic on the 605, but once we got there, parking was free, super-easy to find, and packet pick-up took maybe 20 minutes.

We went with a group of friends to celebrate beautiful Bernadette's birthday. (Triple-B's. Did ya catch that?)

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With the pre-race stuff out of the way, we still had about an hour to kill before the 8:30 p.m. start time. What else to do but hang out in the parking lot and take ridiculous photos?

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IMG_1814 IMG_1813

Once I had all that out of my system, we joined the group in the start corrals.

There are a few people missing from this pic, but here we are, in all our neon (and Oompa-Loompa-ish) glory!


Nick (the orange guy) wanted to participate in the costume contest after the race to try to win a GoPro camera. Not sure if he won… Micah and I left before the contest started.

IMG_1825 IMG_1824

As we waited for the race to start, we listened to the party music (provided by DJ Moose) and pretended we were ravers.


The course was kinda crazy.


We ran through the Home Depot Center, dodging tables & chairs in the outskirts of the field, around the track, down a narrow trail along the freeway, and up & down a hilly parking lot. Mile 1 was slower than I wanted because there were so many people and the course bottle-necked in a TON of spots, but I was happy with miles 2 and 3. I was trying to keep up with Micah, so my pace was decent. :)


My time isn't "official" because you had to pay for a timing chip and I was too cheap to shell out 5 bucks for something I could get for free from my Garmin.

So, after the race, this happened…


The Melt Bus. Yes. Grilled cheese happiness on wheels. We split The Italian Job, Fontina & Provolone on a delicious [slighty spicy] garlic bread.


Then, because it was WAY past our bedtime, we went home.

Ashley & Logan were watching our kids, and although they had sent reassuring pics earlier in the evening…


…we weren't sure how long they'd last being pretend parents.

Luckily, Christian didn't poop and Kait is pretty self-sufficient.

{Questions for Ya}
Have you ever done a "fun run?"

What are your plans this weekend?

Mama-Kait Date Day

Kaitlyn's last day of school was on Thursday, so I took Friday off to celebrate with her!


We rode bikes to the movie theater to see Epic. It was a cute movie and the previews for Monsters University and Turbo looked really good too!

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After the movie, we rode over to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor, where we learned it's all about the 'stache.

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We made an awesome hat out of my newspaper menu…


…and they celebrated all the recent graduates by having them stand up so everyone could clap & yell, "Hip-hip-hooray!" for them.


Our food was good, but we were stuffed after eating and decided that we'd forgo the ice cream and save that experience for a time when Micah & Christian can be with us. We browsed in the old-fashioned candy store for a bit and then rode to Target to pick up a few things.

When I talked to Kait about a "mommy & me" day on Thursday, I asked her what she thought we were going to do. She actually asked if we were going to do Spring cleaning. Wow. When I said no, she exclaimed, "Oh thank goodness!!"

She agreed that a bike ride, the movies, and lunch was way better than cleaning the house.

{Questions for Ya}
Is school out for summer for your family?
Have you been to Farrell's? Did you have any ice cream?

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